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TV Stars and Shows

Here you will find sets dedicated to TV stars and shows. They may be sets for a group of celebrities, a set for an entire show or a homage to a particular era.

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Each set is priced individually.

UK TV Sitcom stars - 1970s series 1 (1 to 36)

This is a 36 card set numbered 1 to 36 and represents some of the best stars of the 1970s that appeared in UK sitcoms. Each card has an image of the star plus a featured character. On the reverse are mini-profiles.

This set includes:

John Cleese, Ronnie Barker, Yootha Joyce, Robert Lindsay, Mollie Sugden, Richard Briers, Leonard Rossiter, Wendy Craig, Reg Varney, Michael Crawford, Tony Selby, Rodney Bewes, Nerys Hughes, Arthur Lowe, Irene Handl, Maureen Lipman, Don Estelle, Derek Nimmo, Diana Coupland, Robin Bailey, Paul Greenwood, Kathy Staff, Sally Thomsett, Norman Beaton, Peter Bowles, Hylda Baker, John Alderton, Pat Coombs, Robin Nedwell, Linda Baron, Albert Moses, Wilfred Bramble, Warrem Mitchell, Eric Sykes, Jimmy Edwards, Diane Keen.