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Movie Storyboard Sets from the Great Stan and Ollie.

Pardon us - 1931


It was never a clever idea to brew booze during the prohibition but Stan and Ollie were none too clever to start with. They soon find themselves in prison and in the company of the violent Tiger. Having escaped they try to blend in with the locals but Stan's buzzing tooth gives them away and they go straight back inside...just in time for a riot! 


Their First Mistake - 1932


Ollie is in trouble with his wife as he spends too much time with Stan and lying about their whereabouts does not help and she throws him out. Stan suggests that Ollie adopts a baby but when they get home the wife has left him. How do our heroes deal with a crying baby? In their own clumsy way of course! This 18 card set tells the story of this short movie on the reverse of the cards.


Sons of The Desert - 1933


The Sons of the Desert are holding their annual convention and Stan and Ollie have to attend. Only two things stand in their way, their wives! There is no way "Mrs Hardy" will allow Hubby to go as she has planned a trip to the mountains. Ollie needs a plan and arranges for a Doctor to prescribe a trip to Honolulu. Our heroes have made it to the convention and have a swell time but they will have some explaining to do when they get home as their ship as been reported as sunk! This 27 card set tells the story on the reverse of the cards.


Way Out West - 1937

This is a 27 piece trading card set paying homage to the Great Laurel and Hardy comedy WAY OUT WEST. The cards follow our heroes as they ride to Brushwood Gulch in search of Mary Roberts but end up being duped by the tricky Micky Finn who steals their Deed to a gold mine. Stan and Ollie have no choice but to break into Finn's place and steal it back but with this duo nothing ever runs smooth! The story of the film runs through the set of cards on the reverse of the cards.


Block Heads - 1938


Stan and Ollie are fighting in the first world war in 1917 but Stan is left guarding his trench until 1938! Ollie hears about his story and decides to take him home to meet his not so loving wife. Chaos ensues as they try to cook a steak having embarked on a mini-adventure up 13 flights of stairs! This 27 piece set tells the story on the reverse of the cards. 


A Chump at Oxford - 1940

Stan and Ollie need employment as they are down to their last 6 bucks. Ollie hits on the idea of passing them off as a butler and maid but they lack that certain etiquette! They find themselves sweeping the gutters but become instant heroes when they inadvertantly foil a bank robbery. The manager rewards them with an Oxford Education. The newcomers are not welcome there but Stan has a secret past that saves the day! This 27 card set tells the story on the reverse of the cards.



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