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John Wayne Movie Storyboards

Here you will find John Wayne movies in storyboard format in date order of when they hit the big screen. The story of each movie is played out through the reverse of the cards. Associated Character card sets can be found on the MOVIES - JOHN WAYNE page.

Each card is 90mm wide and 60mm tall.

Sets with 45 cards are £11.00

Sets with 54 cards are £12.50

Stagecoach - 1939


John Wayne came into his own in this 1939 classic as The Ringo Kid. He hitches a ride on the Tonto Stagecoach with the intent of facing down the men who killed his brother. He finds himself travelling with an array of characters all heading to Lordsburg for their own reasons. Some good and some bad. All the while they are pursued by Geronimo and his Apache war party!

Reap the Wild Wind - 1942

This is a 45 card set representing the 1942 movie Reap the Wild Wind. Loxi (Paulette Goddard) is torn between Sailor Jack (John Wayne) and Lawyer Tolliver amid the storm ravaged Florida Keys in 1840. They are all caught up in a pirate scam involving the crooked Cutler family that ultimately ends in tragedy.

The Spoilers - 1942

Gold mines are being stolen in Nome, Alaska, by the crooked Alex McNamara (Randolph Scott) with no-one to stand against him. That changes when Roy Glennister (John Wayne) comes to town to see his gal Cherry Malotte (Marlene Dietrich). Sooner or later both men with have to fight over the mines and the girl!

The Fighting Seabees - 1944


This is the story of how the famous Naval Construction Battalion was formed. John Wayne stars as Wedge who thinks his construction crew can handle themselves under Japanese fire. This decision is a disaster and he agrees to have his men trained properly. Now the enemy will not find them so easy to kill. Also stars Susan Haywood. 

Tall in the Saddle - 1944


 John Wayne arrives in town as Rocklin, a man hired by the now deceased rancher Red Cardell. There are plenty of people interested in talking Clara Cardell out of her inhertance and Rockin is caught in the middle of the corruption he finds. Also stars Ella Raines as Arly and Gabby Hayes as Dave.

Back to Bataan - 1945


John Wayne stars as Joe Madden, a US Colonel, who is sent into the Philippine jungles to form a local resistance force to take on the invading Japanese. He turns a small group of volunteers into a fearsome fighting force. Also stars Anthony Quinn.

Red River - 1946


John Wayne plays Tom Dunson who crosses the Red River with a dream to build one of the biggest herds of cattle in the country. He realises his dream but after the civil war he feels he needs to drive it north. Throughout the drive his harsh treatment leave his men angry and finally his long time friend Matt Garth (Montgomery Clift) takes the herd away from him and a deadly chase follows.

Angel and The Badman - 1947


Quirt Evans (John Wayne), an all round bad guy, is nursed back to health and sought after by Penelope Worth (Gail Russell), a Quaker girl. He eventually finds himself having to choose between his world and the world Penelope lives in. Also stars Harry Carey and Bruce Cabot.

Fort Apache - 1948


John Wayne is Captain Kirby York who clashes with his new commanding officer, Owen Thursday (played by Henry Fonda). The two will have to work together fast as Cochise has led his tribe out of the reservation and on the war path. Also stars Shirley Temple and John Agar.

3 Godfathers - 1948

Three bank robbers (John Wayne, Pedro Armendariz and Harry Carey Jnr) are left waterless in the desert and their burden is made worse when a dying women asks them to take care of her new born baby. As they are pursued by a dogged marshal (Ward Bond) the baby changes their outlook on life.

The Fighting Kentuckian - 1949


John Wayne plays John Breen, a member of the Kentucky militia, who falls for Fleur De Marchand (Vera Ralston) and soon finds himself fighting corruption as businessmen try to swindle the local French Settlers. Also stars Oliver Hardy.

Sands of Iwo Jima - 1949


John Wayne plays Sergeant John Stryker who has the task of making raw recruits into US Marines. His methods do not win him any friends but his men realise that he has been shaping them well for war in the Pacific. Also starring Forrest Tucker and John Agar.

She wore a yellow ribbon - 1949

 John Wayne is Nathan Brittles, a US Cavalry officer just one week away from retirement. General Custer has just been killed and the Indian nations may be back on the warpath. Brittles is charged with escorting civillians to safety while having to deal with his quarrelling men.

Rio Grande - 1950

 Kirby York (john Wayne) commands troops at the Mexican border and one of his new recruits is his son, Jeff! Soon his estranged wife Kathleen (played by Maureen O'Hara) arrives to take Jeff back home but he refuses as he knows his duty. Things become tense when he joins his father on a dangerous mission to track renegade Indians. Also star Victor McLaglan and Ben Johnson. 

The Quiet Man - 1952

 Sean Thornton returns to the place he was born, Innisfree in Ireland, after tragic events in the boxing ring in America. He is captivated by the beautiful Mary-Kate (Maureen O'Hara) and wishes to court her. Standing in his way is her brother Will (Victor McLaglan) and eventually the two men will have to fight it out in a contest all of Ireland wants to see!

Hondo - 1953


 John Wayne stars as Hondo Lane, an army scout, who finds Angie Lowe (Geraldine Page) living alone with her young son. All the while Apache war drums are getting louder and he knows he has to protect her. She does not know that it was Lane that killed her wayward husband.

The Searchers - 1954


This 45 card set represents the classic 1954 western The Searchers. Ex soldier Ethan (Wayne) returns to his family amid fears of an Indian attack. While out on patrol his brother's family is killed and his neice is taken away by Chief Scar. With the help of part Indian Martin Pawley he begins a five year search to bring her home. Also starring Jeffery Hunter and Ward Bond.

Jet Pilot - 1957

Colonel Jim Shannon (John Wayne) is captivated by a defecting female Russian pilot called Anna (Janet Leigh) and marries her so she is not deported. Anna turns out to be a spy and this becomes a story of cross and double cross.

Rio Bravo - 1959

This is a 45 card set representing the classic 1959 western RIO BRAVO. Sheriff John T. Chance (John Wayne) has to arrest and guard killer Joe Burdette. All he has to help him is a drunk, an old man and a kid while his enemies gather hoping to claim cash for breaking Joe out of jail. The story of the movie is shown on the reverse of the cards. Also starring Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Angie Dickinsen.

The Horse Soldiers - 1959


John Wayne stars as Colonel John Marlowe in this historically based movie. The civil war is going badly for the Union and Marlowe leads his cavalry troop far south into Conferderate territory hoping to destroy their supply line. All the while he is at odds with surgeon Henry Kendall (William Holden) and Hannah Hunter (Constance Towers), a southern Belle who could destroy their plans at any moment!

The Alamo - 1960

This is a 54 card set representing the great 1960 movie The Alamo. John Wayne plays Davy Crockett in this genuine slice of American history as a group of 180 men defend the mission at The Alamo against Santa Anna's 7000 strong army. Alongside him are Jim Bowie (Richard Widmark) and Colonel Travis (Laurence Harvey) as well as a host of volunteers. This is a heroic fight to the death.

North to Alaska - 1960

Sam (John Wayne) and George (Stewart Granger) have struck gold in Alaska and now George can marry his Jenny. Sam goes to fetch her only to find she is already wed. He decides to bring back a saloon girl called Angel (Capucine) in her place but she starts to fall for the wrong man!

Hatari - 1961

 Sean Mercer (John Wayne) leads a team of hunters in Africa rounding up animals for zoos and safari parks. One assignment comes with Dallas (Elsa Martinelli), a pretty photographer, who is smitten with him from the start. The thing is Sean is off of women and its takes the help of Pockets (Red Buttons ) and Temba the baby elephant to make him change his mind. Also stars Bruce Cabot and Hardy Krueger.

The Comancheros - 1961


John Wayne plays Texas Ranger Jake Cutter who is on the trail of Paul Regret (Stuart Whitman) but needs his help to tackle a community of murdering bandits, gun runners and a tribe of Comanches.

The Man who shot Liberty Valance - 1962

 A Senator (Jimmy Stewart), who became famous for killing the notorious outlaw Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin), returns for the funeral of an old friend Tom Doniphon (John Wayne) and tells the truth about his deed. Not all was as it seemed at the time. Also stars Vera Miles, Strother Martin and Lee Van Cleef.

McLintock! - 1963


G.W.McLintock (John Wayne) is a free drinking, fist fighting rancher who's life is turned upside down when is estranged wife Kate (Maureen O'Hara) returns home. She is one mean woman and sets out to make his life a misery. In return GW annoys her at every chance he can get but even he cannot take anymore and thinks a good spanking will solve his problem.

El Dorado - 1966


John Wayne plays gun for hire Cole Thornton who turns down a job for Bart Jason (Ed Asner) as it will mean going up against old friend Sherrif JP Hara (Mitchum).Other men are hired to do the job and Cole knows trouble is heading his way. All he has is Mississippi an enthusiastic kid, Old Indian fighter Bull and Hara who is now a drunk. All the while he carries a bullet in his back that may just finish him anyway.

The Sons of Katie Elder - 1967

 Ranch owner Katie Elder's four sons including John Wayne as John Elder and Dean Martin as Tom are determined to avenge the murder of their father and the swindling of their mother as they gather for her funeral. Also stars George Kennedy and Paul Fix.

The War Wagon - 1967


Taw Jackson (John Wayne) teams up with Lomas (Kirk Douglas) as he tries to steal back his own gold from the armour plated War Wagon owned by the crooked Pierce (Bruce Cabot). With them are a feisty old man, a "civilised" Indian, and a drunk kid. Also stars Keenan Wynn, Howard Keel and Robert Parker.

The Green Berets - 1968

John Wayne plays tough Green Beret Colonet Kirby who finds himself at odds with the American reporter Beckworth amid the Vietnam war. Kirby leads his group of volunteers and conscripts into the heart of Vietnam to re-enforce a camp under contant attack. Losses are heavy and Kirby accepts a mission to disrupt the enemy but this too, proves costly.

Hellfighters - 1968


A tribute to real life firefighter, Red Adair, John Wayne plays Chance Buckman, a firefighting professional who travels the world with his team putting out infernos. When he is hospitalised his estranged daughter Tish (Katherine Ross) arrives and soon falls for one of his workers, Greg Parker (Jim Hutton). His ex wife Madelyn (Vera Miles) is in tow and Chance thinks about retiring until one last job draws him back into the business.

True Grit - 1969

John Wayne won an Oscar for his portrayal of drunken Marshall Rooster Cogburn who joins forces with a Texas Ranger, LeBoeof (Glen Campbell) to help Mattie (Kim Darby) track down her father's killer. Despite her young age they soon realise she is more than a handful as they tackle the killer and his new found band of gunslingers!

The Undefeated - 1969


This 45 card set represents the classic 1969 western The Undefeated. The civil war is over and two men from the opposing sides are heading to Mexico. John Wayne plays John Henry Thomas, a Union cavalry Officer who is resigning and taking his men to round up and sell wild horses to Mexican General Maximillian. Also heading south is Colonel James Langdon (Rock Hudson), a Confederate officer who refuses to accept surrender. He feels his future and that of his men also lies south of the border. Circumstances bring them together as they face bandits, mercenaries and Juaristas along the trail.

Rio Lobo - 1970

Colonel Cord McNally (John Wayne) finds himself hunting Conferedate train robbers during the American civil war led by Pierre Cordona (Jorge Rivero). When the war is over they find themselves on the same side taking on corrupt Sherrif Tom Hendricks (Mike Henry). Also starring Christopher Mitchum and Jennifer O'Neill.

Chisum - 1970


John Wayne plays Chisum, a rancher caught up in the middle of the Lincoln County war. Murphy is trying to take over the whole county by criminal means but is faced by Chisum and Billy the Kid himself. When Murphy has their friend John Tunstall killed Billy looks for revenge and Chisum is dragged into this personal feud. Also starring Forest Tucker and Ben Johnson.

Big Jake - 1971


A John Wayne classic. Wayward Jake McCandles is called back into the arms of his family when his grandson is kidnapped by John Fain (Richard Boone) and his band of cut throats. Jake takes along his two sons (played by Patrick Wayne and Chris Chisum) as well as Sam Sharpnose (Bruce Cabot) as they track their foe. The ending is satisfying when they finally confront this band of killers.

The Cowboys - 1972


This 54 card set represents John Wayne's 1972 movie, The Cowboys. Wil Andersen's men have left his spread to hunt for gold and he is left with a herd to move with no cowhands. All he has left to hire are the local schoolboys and despite his doubts he takes them on. The journey is tough and tragedy calls as Wil looks after these cowboys as if they were his own sons.

The Train Robbers - 1973

When Lane (John Wayne) is hired by Mrs Lowe (Anne Margret) with a tale about her dead husband's stash of gold he takes his men on a mission to recover it. The plan is not to steal it but return it to the railroad for a reward. Under constant threat of bandits this mission is not what it seems!

Cahill: US Marshal - 1973

This 45 card set represents the John Wayne western Cahill: US Marshal. His two boys Danny and Billy rebel against him by helping Fraser and his bank robbers. They are threatened when they have second thoughts and Cahill is at a loss to the robbers identity until he enlists the help of Chief Lightfoot. Also starring George Kennedy and Jackie Gleeson.

Brannigan - 1975


John Wayne crosses the Atlantic and arrives in London as Lt Brannigan trying to take known criminal Larkin back to The States. All goes well until Larkin is kidnapped but Brannigan thinks there is more to the case than meets the eye. Also stars Richard Attenborough as Lt Swann and Judy Geeson as Thatcher of Scotland Yard.

The Shootist - 1976


John Wayne starred in his final movie in 1976 and in a way the story reflected his life. Legendary gunfighter JB Books (Wayne) discovers that he is dying and hopes to spend his last days in peace in Carson City. Trouble soon comes calling and Books knows he can go out in a final blaze of glory if he confronts it. Also starring Lauren Bacall, James Stewart and Ron Howard.


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