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James Bond Sets

Each card on this page can also be purchased individually or you can Pick and mix from each set if you wish. Cards are 40p each.

James Bond The Man


This is a 9 piece set depicting the life and career of Britrain's greatest spy James Bond from his Time battling SPECTRE, through the cold war and up to modern day. Plus details of the movies about him.


James Bond Girls - Series 1


This is a 27 card set representing those lovely of lovelies The Bond Girls. These Character Cards are Honey Ryder, Natalya Ramanova, Pussy Galore, Domino, Kissy Suzuki, Tracy Di Vocenzo, Tiffany Case, Rosie Carver, Solitaire, Mary Goodnight, Anya Asmasova, Holly Goodhead, Melian Havelock, Octopussy, Magda, Stacy Sutton, Kara Milovy, Lupe Lamora, Pam Bouvier, Natalya Simonova, Paris Carver, Wai Lin, Christmas Jones, Miranda Frost, Jinx, Solang and Vespa Lynd.

The character profile can be found on the reverse of each card.


James Bond Girls - Series 2

This is a 27 card set showing more of the lovely James Bond Girls. This set shows Sylvia Trench, Fiona Volpe, Pamela Kaplan, Jill Masterson, Tilly Masterson, Mai Lei, Ling, Aki, Helga Brandt, Ruby Bartlett, Plenty O'Toole, Bambi, Thumper, Miss Caruso, Sadia, Naomi, Corrine Dufour, Manuela, Dolly, Lisl von Schlaf, Corina, Pola Romanova, Della Leiter, Peaceful Mountain, Verity, Camille and Strawberry Fields.

The character profile can be found on the reverse of each card


James Bond - Villians

This is an 18 piece set representing those evil of evils, the Bond Villains.
They are all here from Dr No and Ernst Blofeld, through Kananga and Drax right up to Renard and Le Chiffre. On the reverse of each card is their profile and how they fit into the world of Bond.


James Bond - Bad Guys Series 1

This is an 18 piece set representing those sidekicks form hell, the Bond Killers. Those who ply their trade for the biggest villains.
They are all here from OddJob and Rosa Klebb, through Nick Nack and Jaws right up to MayDay and Mr Stamper. On the reverse of each card is their profile and how they fit into the world of Bond.


James Bond - Bad Guys Series 2

27 more bad guys who align themselves with the tyrants trying for world domination. Not all of them kill but they allow people to die and Bond sees no difference. Here we have Dent and Vargas, through Saxby and Kaufman right up to Elvis!


James Bond - Bad Guys Series 3

The world is certainly not enough for this bunch of of guys who are Killers, thugs and down right bad! Count Lippe starts the line up where we find others such as Mr Osato and whisper,   Scarpine and Ouramov right up to Mr White and Dominic Green.


James Bond - MI6

James Bond has a large back up of resources all controlled by the MI6 division of the British secret service. Here we can find M, Q, Robinson and the original Bond Girl Miss Moneypenny. We also find that they are not all good guys!


James Bond - Good Guys Series 1

Whatever the mission Bond can be a man alone but occasionally he will find an ally and not always someone on the right side of the law! Such men as Draco and Colombo. There are good guys too such as Tiger Tanaka, Sir Godfrey Tibbett and the Quarrel family.


James Bond - Misc sets

A real super power set representing The British Secret Service experts, the CIA and the KGB. Bond has need all of them as friends or enemies at times.
Here we find Sir Frederick Gray Jim Fanning, General Gogol and Bond's long time friend Felix Leiter.


James Bond - Movie Poster set


This is a 27 piece set depicting the movie posters for all of the Bond movies from Dr No right up to date to Quantum of Solace. Also included are an alternative Golden gun poster, Never say never again, 2 teasers and the 1967 spoof Casino Royale. On the reverse of each card are details of each cast list.



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