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Please contact me on the above email address to ask any questions.

Please go to the "HOW TO ORDER" page if you wish to place an order.

What is it all about?

Ever seen a sporting event or a movie and felt that the moment was never captured properly? I felt like this when I was younger as there was hardly anything on the market to commemorate the events I wanted so I decided to make my own sets of Trading Cards. Since then I have branched out into other sports. There are also cards for my favourite movies and actors too.

What else can I do for you?

This site is constantly expanding with new sets and you may find something you want for your collection but I bet there is a movie, sports team, actor or event that you would love to see as a set of trading cards that is not on the market anywhere. Contact me at the email address above with the details of what you require and I will see what I can put together for you.

If you would like a set personalised for someone just let me know their name and I will make those cards unique to that person.

Cards are mainly sold in full sets but if you wish to purchase the odd card or two that is ok. Just let me know which ones from any set.

How does this website work?

I have arranged categories of cards into pages such as Football, Tennis, Movies and Movie stars etc. Use the links on the left to go to each category.

What about the Technical Stuff?

All cards are printed on 260gsm stock, gloss image, matt text. They may not be suitable for Trading Card dealers as they carry souvenir value only. They are geared more toward Collectors who wish to have a souvenir of an event or movie. Cards are sent out in trading card plastic wallets (3x3) within strengthened envelopes.

Making Contact

Have a look around. If you wish to leave a comment please go to my “Guestbook” page. Please note you have to be an approved member to sign the guestbook.

If you wish to purchase any cards from this site please go to the “How to Order” page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.


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